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Collaborative Learning and Development

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About This Module

Throughout your first year, you developed essential skills in planning, assessment, and classroom management, formulated your own philosophy of teaching and learning and reflected deeply on what influences the decisions you make in the classroom. You also spent time exploring the context of your school and its community and considered the wider context of your work at a local and national level. As an evidence-informed practitioner, you went on to design, implement, and evaluate an intervention in your classroom – and you presented your findings from this towards the end of Year 1. 

In this module, you will collaborate with other Teach First trainees to develop your subject or phase-specific pedagogy. 

We know from the research that teacher collaboration can be incredibly beneficial. It has been shown to:  

  • Increase teachers’ knowledge and skills (Wong 2003) 
  • Improve pupil outcomes (Morris 2017) 
  • Lead to greater job satisfaction (Hall & Hord 2001) 
  • Enhance teachers’ confidence, trust, and voice (Cross & Thomas 2017). 
  • Reduce the sense of personal isolation (Musanti & Pence 2010)  
  • Reduce teacher attrition (Leana 2011) 

Around the world, the sharing of knowledge and best practice within and between schools is increasingly commonplace. Collaboration, whether formal or informal, enables teachers to support one another to develop their practice and to improve pupil outcomes.  

This module offers you’re the opportunity to experience first hand what it means to collaborate with other teachers in a structured and focussed way, working together to achieve a common goal.  

University Training Days:

Your university training days will focus on developing your subject or phase knowledge and pedagogy. Your university will also support you to identify a subject or phase-specific area of focus to further explore with your collaboration group. 

Teach First Training Days:

At the Teach First training days, we’ll explore how to define “collaboration”, the benefits and challenges it brings, and how to collaborate effectively. You’ll also lead a mini-seminar, look at examples of teacher collaboration from around the world, reflect on the self in collaboration, and consider the role collaboration plays in educational leadership. 

Collaboration Calls:

During this module, you will take part in five 90-minute Collaboration Calls. The purpose of these calls is to give you the opportunity to collaborate with your fellow trainee teachers. You’ll learn more about these calls at the first training day. You can also read more about these calls in the Collaboration Calls – trainee guidance document in the Module Resources page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above. See our list of supported browsers for the most up-to-date information.

Who should take this course?

This course is for trainees in the 2017 cohort. Collaborative Learning and Development forms the second of four courses on the PGDE programme. 

When should I access the courses?

You should be instructed by the facilitator in your Collaborative Learning and Development sessions when to access the resources as part of the session — you will also be encouraged to explore the resources further independently between sessions.