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Extending Impact and Influencing Others

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About the Extending Impact and Influencing Others module 

During this module, you will focus on engaging more deeply with the community context in which your placement school is situated.  You will consider the ethical and practical aspects of researching communities and by using data and evidence, you will assess the common barriers and assets within your school’s community.

 You will have the opportunity to explore common misconceptions and stereotypes linked to different communities and the barriers they may face. Social mobility and its meaning and purpose will be explored from different perspectives.

An important element of this module will involve consideration of what it means to be an evidence-informed practitioner.You will evaluate different sources of data, determine which is more reliable/useful, and find out how to incorporate it in your research. This, as well as knowledge of  your school-specific context, will be used to inform your approach to classroom practice and ultimately the progress of pupils.